Aspen D works for which machines?

Aspen D has benefits for anyone who works with diesel machines. It is especially beneficial for professionals working with smaller diesel engines, or engines used seasonally. Aspen D offers an excellent alternative to traditional diesel.

You work with smaller machines and want to reduce health risks

Professionals who use smaller diesel machines with a simple or no exhaust treatment are exposed to the hazardous properties of diesel fuel. Aspen D has less hazardous properties compared to traditional diesel and therefore reduces the health risks associated with the fuel.

You only use your machine occasionally

Many diesel engines are used only during certain seasons and remain idle for much of the year. Because Aspen D has a long shelf life, your machine, boat, or vintage car can be stored with a full tank. Even after a long period without being used, the engine will start and run smoothly. Also for engines that are used occasionally, like emergency power generators, Aspen D is a highly reliable diesel fuel.

You work in an enclosed environment

Fortunately, more and more guidelines are being drafted to improve the environment of workers. But there are still diesel engines used indoors or in an enclosed environment - between buildings, in tunnels or in mines, for example. For these applications, Aspen D is a better alternative for the direct environment. However, don’t forget to always assure good ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.


Relevant Diesel Standards

Aspen D can be used in all diesel engines. The fuel meets relevant diesel standards commonly accepted by major engine manufacturers: American diesel standard ASTM D975-15c, Japanese diesel standard JIS K 2204:2007. Below, you’ll find an overview for the type of machine and machine applications where Aspen D provides a great alternative to traditional fossil diesel.

Garden, park & golf

Lawn mowers, wood chippers, golf course machines, weed-eaters, mini-excavators


Compact tractors, all-terrain vehicles, compressors, water pumps, heaters, emergency power generators

Earthmoving & paving

Graders, plate compactors, skidders, wheel loaders, hydraulic hammers


Excavators, forwarders and mulchers

Construction & Industry

Cherry-pickers, compressors, water pumps, heaters, emergency power generators, forklift

Event & expo

Cherry-pickers, generators, compressors, water pumps, heaters, forklifts


Engines of sailing boats, small diesel boats

Vintage diesels

Old tractors and other diesel vehicles or machines that are only started from time to time

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