About Aspen D

Aspen D is developed for you and your machine. How is it relevant for you? That's the main question we asked ourselves during the development of this clean and smart diesel fuel.

Developed for you and your machine

In contrast to all other diesel fuels, which are created for cars and buses with high fuel consumption and fuel turnover, Aspen D is especially developed for the small machines you use. If you are the exposed end user of small machines, and machines used seasonally or in enclosed environments, we have optimized the formula of Aspen D to meet your special needs.

Tested by professionals in the field

We are proud to present Aspen D, the only diesel of its kind. It was developed in collaboration with our dealers and their diesel end users during 2014-2016. It has been extensively tested by professionals who work with a broad range of small diesel machines, and we have adapted the formula of Aspen D to meet their special needs. How is it relevant for you? That's the main question we asked ourselves during the development of Aspen D. So every single aspect of the diesel fuel has been analysed and optimised to perfectly suit your needs.

We wanted a better fuel for those who need it the most

Aspen introduced alkylate fuel in 1988, initially created to improve the working environment of forestry workers surrounded by chainsaw fumes. From the outset, Aspen felt responsible for providing the cleanest possible fuel solutions to exposed machine users, but without compromising on the benefits for the machine. That’s why we’re not only developing for you, we’re also developing in collaboration with you, to create a smart fuel formula that will meet all your needs. In addition, we think that the environment and climate are important for all of us. We develop fuels made of sustainable renewables, so they’re guaranteed palm oil free. We can improve the living environment of the whole world. For you, and for the next generations.


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also available in 25L and 200L

Aspen D will be available in 5 and 25 liter jerry cans and 200 liter drums. Click on the button below to find distributers in your country.